Premium grocery experience in food market

Spegelaere, a Belgium grocery chain, developed a unique and premium brand experience in a food market format, all focusing on consumer interaction.

The goal – to engage gourmands in new ways

Spegelaere wanted to differentiate its brand by creating a unique brand experience. The goal was to create a food market experience, for the consumers to interact with their products in new and enjoyable ways.

Massive research and flow design

After a year of research and visiting various formats of food markets, restaurants, and grocery stores, the store owners had a clear vision for their store concept in Oostende. At this stage, they contacted ITAB. Our first step was to add our routing and consumer flow knowledge into the vision. After creating a logical flow, the mood board was analyzed. To translate this into a unique experience, all furniture and areas of the store got an exclusive design with thoughtful details, which were then customized and produced.

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Today, the concept engages consumers with their many interactions. The unique concept is an enjoyable place to visit for a meal, explore different goods or get inspiration for your cooking.